Information for Newbies

If you have never visited a Mistress before you will have many questions and concerns. Let me tell you my philosophy. I believe that each play session should be carefully planned and structured for each submissive individually. Each applicant must fill out and submit information that will assist me in designing a play session specifically for him. There are no "standard scenes" with me. Each scene is tailored to meet the needs of the submissive. For those who play with me on a regular basis, each scene will be similar, and yet each will be different. I dislike the routine and the boring. So, within the structure of each planned session, there will be a lot of spontaneous play as well!

I understand first time "jitters." It's quite common to tremble, or break out into a cold sweat in the presence of a Mistress. I will progress at a pace that will allow you to enjoy the anxiety and apprehension of what might come next, as well as allow you time to relax and simply serve me.

I am a seductive Mistress. I will tease you and whisper into your ear. I will send chills down your spine. I am both passionate and intense. The scene will play out slowly enough that you will enjoy the anticipation of waiting to see what comes next. I do not rush through ANY scene. You will never feel that you have not gotten your money's worth unless you have not been upfront and honest about what you are looking for.

I am neither cold nor cruel nor sadistic. In fact, most of my subs tell me that I am VERY HOT! I LOVE to tease, and if I am cruel at all it would be in enforcing chastity! Nearly all of my sessions include tease and denial to enhance the scene. Likewise, my sessions will include pain to enhance the pleasure, but the pain will be equal to or less than the amount of pleasure you will experience. The only exception is the submissive who truly desires more pain than pleasure.

Your safety is my biggest concern! ALL submissives MUST have a safeword, and MUST inform me of both hard and soft limits. I am a stickler for safety! Hot wax will always be tested with a thermometer to ensure the proper temperature. I use only double-ended snaps that can be quickly released. I use only thin cotton rope that can be quickly and easily cut if need be. I keep a first aid kit on hand and well stocked at all times. The transfer of bodily fluids carries with it the risk of STD's. For that reason I do not engage in ANY play where the transfer of bodily fluids would occur. I will not engage in cutting, needle play, breath play, brown or golden showers. If you have an orgasm, you will be required to clean up after yourself!

I have a NO SEX rule. What that means is that I DO NOT have sexual intercourse with my subs. EVER. PERIOD. Do not ask me to have sex with you. It WILL NOT HAPPEN. If you want sex, go find yourself a girlfriend or a prostitute. I am neither.