Application Process

Below you will find helpful information regarding the application process.


The application process will take about a week or so to complete, and during that time I will exchange emails with you, and hopefully chat with you online. Your patience with the process will be rewarded with a very personal and individualized session which you will never forget!

Once I determine that you are probably not a rapist or mass-murderer, you will be required to meet me in public. My potential new subs must take me out to dinner and this gives us both a chance to see how comfortable we are with each other in person. I only play the role of Domme when I am in a session, and do not provide online Domme services under any circumstances, so DON'T ask! When you meet me in person, you will be meeting the "REAL ME."

If we find that we are indeed comfortable with each other, then I will schedule your first session. I will use the information that you provided to me during the application process to create a personalized session for you. I am a FIRM believer that both Domme and sub must enjoy their sessions together, and each must take something meaningful from the session. While you will be focused on serving me, I will be focused on keeping you safe, and meeting at least a few of your needs. For instance, if your deepest desire is to be spanked, then I will make sure that you receive a spanking, but it will be when, where, and how "I" choose, and of course within your limits. I am less of a sadist and more desirous of service-oriented submissives. As long as you have been upfront and honest with me about what you are looking for you will not be disappointed. I put a LOT of time and effort into planning individualized sessions for each of my subs, and therefore I DO require tribute.

My Tribute rates for sessions are as follows:

One Hour Session $150.00
Two Hour Session $275.00
Three Hour Session $400.00
Escort Services/Evening Event/Party $500.00


1. You must be polite and respectful at all times! If you offend me in any way, you will be dismissed and not allowed to play with me again.

2. You MUST be discrete! I live a vanilla life, and work a vanilla job. I expect you to be smart and NOT to make stupid mistakes, such as calling me Mistress Alora in public, pulling BDSM toys out of your pocket in public, showing up for our first meeting in full drag, etc. I will also treat you and your life with discretion. If you need clarification on this you need to be sure and address it during the application process.

3. You MUST be disease, drug, and alcohol free to play with me! If you show up for a session and I detect that you are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs I will dismiss you and you will not be allowed to play with me again. If you are under the care of a physician you MUST disclose this during the application process, as well as what medications you are currently taking. If you tell me that you are taking Lortabs for back pain, be prepared to show me the prescription bottle!

4. Be honest about any emotional limitations you may have. This may include, but is certainly not limited to, any phobias you might have, depression, traumatic events, divorce, rape, etc. These limitations will not cause me to deny you my services. Rather, if you tell me about your emotional limits, I will be respectful of them and work around them.

5. Tell me about any physical limitations that you might have, bad back, bad knees, heart conditions, asthma, epilepsy, etc.

6. Be honest about your limits. Take your time in filling out the application materials. Do not embellish to impress me. I WON'T be impressed if you tell me that you LOVE a good flogging, only to use your safeword the first time I flog you because you have never been flogged before and IT HURTS!

7. Safeword! You MUST have a safeword. If you don't I will not play with you! I don't care if it's octopus, or eggplant, just have one!

8. Fantasy vs. Reality! I'm in the business of making fantasies become reality, but I can only go so far! Please do not expect your session with me to accurately mirror every detail of your fantasy. I'm good, but I'm not THAT good! Try to relax and enjoy your session with me. Try not to play out your fantasy in your head of what it's "supposed" to be like. Enjoy it for what it REALLY IS, a real life session with a REAL Domme!

9. You MUST arrive on time! One of my college professors had a saying that he drilled into us, "If you are early you are on time, if you are on are late!" Please be prompt for all of your meetings and sessions with me. My time is limited and you are NOT the only sub that I have to play with!

10. Hygene! Good personal hygene is a MUST if you want to play with me. Always show up shaved and showered, and preferably smelling good! My favorite cologne on a man is Paul Sebastian.

The BEST way to get my attention is to offer tribute, pamper, or spoil me by sending money directly to me via PayPal using one of the buttons at the top of the page.

If you are still interested, you may email me after offering tribute. If I receive an email without tribute I will ignore your email. I am only interested in serious submissives who can afford me.

Send your email to and answer the following questions. If you send me an email and DO NOT answer the following questions, or you email me without offering tribute first, do not expect a reply. I will ONLY reply if you offer tribute AND answer ALL of the following questions!

How long have you been interested in BDSM?
Have you ever had a session before? Was it positive or negative? Was it With a pro-Domme?
What is your favorite thing to do/what would you most like to do?
Are you looking for a one-time only session, or are you interested in regular sessions?
What is your pain tolerance/preference?